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Milk & Dairies industries


Specific coating.

It is a 60 years of research, development and field experience that allows today to be offered with a dedicated range of solution of waterproofing and protection on concrete or steel work coating for transportation, storage, retention of liquids, powder, solid foodstuffs and gases.

Applicable for both new and rehabilitation works.

A dedicated range has been developed for industrial or public access flooring resistances matching needs of laboratories, workshops, non-slip finishes and heavy-duty coating.

  • A solvent-free epoxy coating, with or without glass fabric reinforcements.

  • For permanent contact with all types of foodstuffs, whether liquid, semi-solid or solid.

  • Designed for use in the storage, processing and transformation of foodstuffs.

  • Can be used in silo while allowing the vertical movements of the content to be fluid eliminating the risk of the wall surfaces to torn off.

  • Simple and quick to sanitize and clean thanks to their smooth and homogeneous finishing.

  • Create a barrier with substrate and the product stored on which bacteria will not appear and proliferate.

  • Chemically neutral, no Bisphenol A, phtalate or  epichlorohydrin migration.

  • Comply with all sanitary and toxicological regulations in force.

  • Resistance to substrate’s cracks up to 20/10ths millimeter.

Mixing Solution.

40 years of R&D and commercial development in the mixing process technologies where performances, ease of maintenance and level of hygiene are a must. The engineering service allows to propose customed made solution fitting the specificities of your process in a large range of tank volume (up to 2500m3/agitator).

Would it be stand alone agitation solution or turnkey agitated tank solution we are able to answer your concern in:

  • Pendulum agitators

  • Horizontal agitators

  • Top or bottom mount agitators

  • Dispersers

  • Knead solution.

The mixing mobile definition can be as various as single propeller with various shape, double movement, anchor impeller or ribbon mixers and made to match the constraint of your process (Viscosity, homogenization time lap, temperature control, abrasive or aggressive fluid, liquid or powder…).

Where tank can’t be opened for maintenance operation purpose a double flanged arrangement with stuff box allows complete maintenance on moto-reductor in a minimum of time.

Waste water and sludge treatment

Wastewater management and its treatment is a major health and environmental issue worldwide.

Wastewater is collected and treated before being discharged into the natural environment.

Dryness or moisture content in the sludge generated by the treatment is an important factor of cost effectiveness of an installation on its evacuation and retreatment. The tendency goes to ZLD (Zero liquid Discharge) to maximize operation cost.

We can provide made to fit solution corresponding to the characteristic of your industry, thus, your effluent either complete plant or stand alone treatment from:

  • Pretreatment:

    • Screening (cable, chain, rotary screens)

    • Sand classifier

    • Screw conveyor and compactors

    • Fine screening

    • Sand washer

    • Scew wash press

  • Secondary treatment:

    • Waste conveying, compacting and washing

    • Physico chemical treatment

    • Sewer cleaning

  • Tertiary treatment:

    • Drum and Disc filters to 1à to 40 µm

    • Elimination of DCO, TSS, Phosphorus…prior either its release or recycling in the plant.

  • Quaternary treatment:

    • Purification

    • Reverse osmosis
    • sterilization

Consisting of eliminating emergent pollutants (Antibiotic, pesticides, hormones, anti-cancer…) before the effluent reaches aquatic environment causing severe damages to human health and biodiversity.

  • Sludge treatment:

    • Thickening

    • Dewatering

    • Stabilisation/hygienisation

    • Sludge transport and storage

Milk & dairy

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